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Opuntia microdasys ‘Albata’/ Bunny ear cactus

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Enthusiasts of this traditional cacti enjoy its easy to please nature. Despite the cute name, the Bunny Ear Cactus is in no way cuddly.

Pot size: 6 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 12-15 cm (without the pot)

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The polka dot cactus (another common name) is fairly easy to grow if a grower can provide enough bright light, no over-watering, provide its winter resting period, and average room temperatures.

Demands full light growing for most of the year, except during the winter cycle. For the plant’s health, the light should be reduced to the partial sun during this time

Water on a regular basis during its first season in a new pot. This will help it to create a strong root system. The soil should be kept moist, but not soggy. After the first season, more sporadic watering is required. During the winter cycle, the cactus should not be watered at all, with watering to resume in the early spring

Naturally a desert plant, the Polka-dot Cactus requires only occasional watering. Too much water will cause the root system to rot away. Watering too much during the winter can cause rot. The plant is likely to die now (unless it suddenly begins to recover) and you take pad cuttings for propagation

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