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Monstera obliqua ‘Peru’

90,00 lei

Monstera obliqua ‘Peru’ is a rare and highly sought-after tropical plant known for its distinctive, delicate leaves adorned with large holes. These fenestrations give it an ethereal and striking appearance, making it a prized possession for plant collectors. Despite its rarity, Monstera obliqua ‘Peru’ can be cared for successfully with the right conditions and attention.

Pot size: 6 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 15 cm (without the pot)

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By adhering to these care guidelines, your Monstera obliqua ‘Peru’ will thrive indoors, showcasing its unique and delicate foliage while maintaining a healthy and robust growth pattern.

Provide bright, indirect light

Keep soil lightly moist; water when the top inch of soil is dry


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