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Chlorophytum comosum/ Spider Plant

25,00 lei

Chlorophytum comosum is the classic retro Spider Plant. Leaves are slender, bright green, with a broad, creamy-white stripe down the center. Small white starry flowers form in loose sprays attached by short stems that also bear small plantlets (baby spiders).

Pot size: 20 cm

Plant size: 25 cm

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bright, indirect light, will tolerate some shade, however, this will slow its growth rate and it may lose its stripes

Keep well-watered, aiming for lightly moist soil throughout the growing season, less water is needed in the winter

Baby Spiders can be pressed down into compost and left to self-root, giving you a second plant to pass on to friends and family. Some brown tips may occur, these can be trimmed away if preferred, but avoid cutting into the green part of the foliage.

This plant is not toxic to humans and animals.

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