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Ficus triangularis 'Sweetheart'

95,00 lei

Also known as the Sweetheart Tree, these beautiful plants have deep green, glossy leaves with a cool, unique triangular shape. The Triangle Fig is resilient, easy to care for, and helps clean the air of pollutants. Overall, a thoroughly recommended, trendy houseplant.

Pot size: 17 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 60-65 cm (without the pot)

Sold out!

The unusual triangular leaves are quite thick and tough (shows it can take a bit of neglect/underwatering). It will grow to keep its bushy habit up to about 3 meters but will take a hard prune very well.

Bright light, like all the Ficus family it will adapt to a bit of direct light as well

Really important to let this dry out in between waterings (Wait for the top 2-3 cm of compost to dry out). Overwatering in winter will make the leaves drop off!

Red spots on the undersides of leaves may occur and do not indicate the plant is unhealthy. These spots are anthocyanin pigmentation that helps to protect the plant against sunlight. It is the same pigmentation that turns certain tree foliage red during autumn. A change in location or lower light levels can also trigger this pigmentation on new foliage. When anthocyanin converts into chlorophyll on younger leaves, the foliage then turns green

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