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Curio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’

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Curio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’, formerly known as Senecio ficoides, is an attractive succulent with upright stems that bear blue-green leaves covered with a waxy coating.

Pot size: 12 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 15-20 cm (without the pot)

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The name Curio ‘Mount Everest’ is a bit misleading. This foliage plant does not have its roots in Asia, but in Africa. The plant is a cross between two species of Curio which are native to mountain tops in South Africa’s Cape Province. It’s a dry, subtropical region, hence the love of the sun. Also fun to know: Curios are members of the large group of Senecio (ragwort) plants, of which there are over 1300 species in all sorts of forms.

light, sunny spot

Curio plants are drought tolerant, but the soil should never be left dry for too long. They do need some water during the growing season but be careful not to leave the soil wet for prolonged periods


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