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Beaucarnea recurvata / Ponytail palm

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The ponytail palm is a unique houseplant that isn’t a palm at all! It is actually a succulent, believe it or not. It’s an excellent choice if you want to add a beautiful houseplant to your home without spending a lot of time caring for it.

Pot size: 6 cm

Plant size: 15-20 cm (without the pot)

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The Ponytail Palm is a distinctive-looking houseplant with a swollen thick brown stem at its base that stores water. The long narrow curly, dark green leaves flow up from this base much like a plume of water in a fountain.

Full to partial sun

The root system of Beaucarnea recurvatas are similar to that of a cactus. The plant’s roots push deep into the soil to store water through dry spells. Water is also stored in its wide base. These plants only need to be watered every one to two weeks but can go as long as four weeks before needing a drink. Before watering, poke your finger into the soil and make sure it’s dry to at least 1 cm deep.

To be safe, try not to ever go lower than 7°C  and although higher temperatures will be accepted, you should get good levels of growth at around 21°C

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