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Tillandsia usneoides / Spanish moss

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The name “Spanish moss” actually originated as “Spanish beard”. Native American tribal people called it “itla-okla”, which meant “tree hair”.

Pot size: –

Plant size: around 90-100 cm long

Sold out!

Indirect, but bright lighting most of the time

Most recommendations are to water only when the plant is completely dry, and to give it a good soaking from the top when it needs it. Indoors, you can place a bucket overtop your Spanish moss and then pour cups full of water over the plant until it’s dripping

Tillandsia usneoides, like other epiphytic plants, don’t actually need soil. It prefers to grow on living trees, although some people have successfully cultivated it using old oak or cypress branches. Others have formed wireframes from which to hang their Spanish moss. However, it needs to hang straight down from whatever it’s resting on. It does not do well if it bundles up into a mass!

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