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Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’

40,00 lei

Streptocarpus ‘Pretty Turtle’ is a new and exciting breed with a pale green on contrasting dark green pattern on its leaves which is reminiscent of a turtle shell! Its leaves are fleshy, round and hairy and grow in a rosette-like fashion. It makes for an eye-catching, yet undemanding houseplant perfect for small spaces!

Pot size: 13 cm (diameter

Plant size: 25 cm (without the pot)

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Streptocarpus are native to Africa and Madagascar. These are found in the wild on rocky hillsides or cliffs, or on the ground or rock crevices. They are very resilient plants which also make them ideal house plants!

Streptocarpus do not like their leaves to get wet, because they are covered in small, transparent hair, which makes them so soft. Since it is hard to water it from the top without wetting the delicate, bushy leaves, it is best to bottom-water your plant and refrain from misting.

Bright but indirect light

Make sure you water them regularly. Use rain or distilled water, not tap water, as these plants are sensitive to the chemicals in treated water.


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