Spathiphyllum 'Pearl Cupido'/ Cupido Peace Lily

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Spathiphyllum—also called peace lily—is a popular flowering houseplant with brilliant white spathe flowers. The easy-to-care-for indoor plant has large glossy green leaves and long flowering stems. Spathiphyllum plants grow in various light conditions, including low light and shade.

Pot size: 6 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 20-25 cm (without the pot)

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Despite being called lilies, Spathiphyllum is not a real species of lily (Lilium). The plant’s botanical name comes from the beautiful white spathe-leaves.

Bright filtered light

Water the plant when the soil partly dries out

Regular spraying of the leaves promotes growth. High atmospheric humidity discourages brown leave edges. (This is especially important in winter when the heating is turned on)

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