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Spathiphyllum Domino

65,00 lei

Spathiphyllum Domino is a stunning and easy-going plant! Also known as Peace Lily it’s, the solid green variety is one of the most commonly grown houseplants, known for its lush, glossy leaves and upright white flowers. This variety has plenty of stunning white variegation that will change and develop over the years.

Pot size: 14 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 50 cm (without the pot)

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Spathiphyllum Domino, like all spathiphyllum are a very easy-care plant, able to withstand lower light conditions and also give warning signals when thirsty, these plants are humans’ best friends. Additionally, Spathiphyllum is famous for its air filtering abilities. Spathiphyllum Domino prefers a medium-light position with average humidity, they like to have constant moisture in the soil, without having wet feet constantly. Water regularly in summer, reduce watering to approximately every 2-3 weeks in winter, with observation.

bright indirect light, no direct sunlight

let their soil dry between waterings


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