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Senecio rowleyanus/ String of pearls

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Senecio rowleyanus is a wonderful succulent with amazing, trailing stems of oval, bead-like leaves, each with a vertical, semi-translucent line running to its tip which assists photosynthesis. Flowers appear on tall, slender stems as small, white fuzzy daisies.

Pot size: 14 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 10-15 cm (without the pot)

Sold out!

String of Pearls plants are relatively fast-growing so give them room to trail for green impact. Perfect for hanging baskets or cascading from shelves.

String of Pearls vines are coiled in the packaging by the growers to protect them in transit. On opening, we recommend gently unfurling the coils and teasing apart the vines around the pot. If you rush this stage, you risk losing some of the pearls. Let the coils hang for several days before continuing to gently separate the vines (patience is a virtue). Some foliage loss is unavoidable, however, they are fast-growing plants and will regenerate quickly.

Bright, indirect light

Senecio is very drought tolerant, storing water in their leaves. Allow the soil to start to dry out between watering. Do not over-water or allow the plants to sit in water

Mildly toxic if eaten

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