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Platycerium bifurcatum/ Staghorn Fern

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Platycerium are commonly called Staghorn or Elkhorn Fern due to their weirdly wonderful, unique, antler shaped leaves. They make fascinating specimen houseplants and look particularly effective as a hanging plant.

Pot size: 12 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 20-25 cm (without the pot)

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Platycerium bifurcatum, commonly called staghorn fern, is an evergreen epiphytic fern that produces distinctive fertile fronds resembling the forked antlers of a stag. It is native to Southeast Asia, Polynesia, and Australia, where it is typically found growing on tree trunks and branches.

Bright, indirect light. Find the brightest spot you have, however, avoid direct sunlight

Due to the hard shield leaves covering the plant root ball, it is best to water from below rather directly onto the leaves. Dunk the plant in water for 10-15 minutes (less in winter) and ensure there is adequate drainage. Don’t leave the plant sitting in water continually. Allow the soil to begin to dry out before watering

The base of the plant is covered with round to heart-shaped, hard shield leaves. These shield fronds turn brown with age. This is a natural part of the plant development process and not a sign your plant is dying, they should not be removed. The antler leaves develop spores (a brown fuzz), again this part of the natural life cycle of a Staghorn Fern and the spores should be left intact for a healthy plant

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