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Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole

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Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole is a very popular Aroid with extraordinary, rich red petioles that are covered with hard tubercles making them appear fuzzy.

Pot size: 24 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 80 cm

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Commonly known as ‘Fuzzy Petiole’ because of its hairy leaf stalks, the contrast between the green of the leaf and the red petiole is stunning. This makes this species a wonderful addition to any collection! Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole is a terrestrial Philodendron, which meanit crawls on the ground as opposed to climbing the trees. With that, it has a similar growth habit to Philodendron Gloriosum or Philodendron Luxurians.

Thrive in medium to bright indirect light, but will tolerate darker spots as well

Philodendrons like their soil to dry between waterings. Water when the top 3cm of soil are totally dry to the touch


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