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Philodendron Brasil

35,00 lei

Philodendron hederaceum var. oxycardium ‘Brasil’ is a fast-growing, easy, vining plant. Its graceful, heart-shaped leaves are dark green with yellow variegation in the center of the leaf. The leaves look almost like they are painted!

Pot size: 10 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 15-20 cm (without the pot)

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Philodendrons are fast-growing, easy plants. They range in growth patterns from graceful and vining to bold and bushy. Philodendrons are generally forgiving and will tolerate all kinds of neglect including low light, poor soil, and inconsistent watering.

Trim out any dead, discolored, damaged, or diseased leaves and stems as they occur. Use clean, sharp scissors to avoid tearing or bruising the stems. Snip stems just above a leaf node. Wash the leaves frequently to prevent dust from clogging their pores.

bright, indirect sunlight

let it dry out between waterings, water only when the top 3 cm of soil are dry to touch


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