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Passiflora caerulea / Blue Passion Flower

45,00 lei

Blue Passion Flower or Passiflora caerula is a climbing vine of the passion flower family.

Pot size: 15 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 30 cm (without the pot)

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Most species of passionflower are easy to grow—so easy, in fact, that they’re sometimes considered invasive if left to their own devices. Typically, they should be grown in full sun to partial shade, in average soil that is well-drained.

They all share exotic flowers that remain open for only about a day. The flower has a wide, flat petal base with five or 10 petals in a flat or reflex circle. Passionflowers are rapid growers and are best planted in spring or early fall while it’s still warm.

Full sun, partial shade

They typically thrive with one or two waterings per week throughout their growing season

Moderate to high humidity

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