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Monstera Dubia

160,00 lei

Monstera Dubia is a shingling Aroid with round leaves that feature silver variegation on young plants. It is grown for its unique foliage and growth habit!

Pot size: 14 cm

Plant size: 50 cm


Sold out!

While all Monsteras enjoy climbing a totem or support, Monstera Dubia requires that support in order to thrive. Because the leaves lie so flat, you will receive your Monstera Dubia mounted on a plain plank of wood it can shingle on. In their native habitat Monstera Dubia grow below the forest canopy where they receive dappled sunlight throughout the day. When grown indoors, these Aroids should be kept in medium to bright indirect light.

bright, indirect light

water them when the top 3 cm of soil are dry

Monsteras are toxic to pets and humans when ingested

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