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Lepismium Bolivianum

65,00 lei

Lepismium Bolivianum is a tropical cactus that grows a mass of flattened, fleshy stems, that look great spilling over the edges of a pot. This spineless cactus is an exciting species for lovers of low maintenance plants!

Pot size: 11,5 cm

Plant size: 25 cm (without the pot)

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Lepismium Bolivianum is very easygoing and tolerates neglect. Being a tropical cactus, it naturally requires different treatment from the desert cacti. Place it in a bright spot and in spring and summer. Water when the compost gets dry, but make sure it never sits in excess water. In autumn and winter cut back on the watering but do not let it dry out completely.

Bright spot, can whit-stand a few hours of sunshine a day

As opposed to most succulents, needs regular (possibly weekly) watering in summer and much less in winter but only when potting mix is dry to touch
Non toxic to humans nor animals when ingested

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