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Fockea edulis

30,00 lei

Semi-deciduous caudiciform plant with interesting fat, twisted roots.

Pot size: 12 cm

Plant size: 15 cm (without the pot)

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To the genus, fockea belong about eleven species of caudiciform plants, native to the African continent, where they are very diffused. They have a wide caudex, rather wrinkled, bottle-shaped, with fleshy roots, which in the wild usually develops partly underground, the specimens cultivated in the container are kept with the caudex in the air, in order to avoid the onset of rottenness.

Sunny to half shade

Water regularly from March to October, but let the soil dry between one watering and the other; during the cold months’ water very little, leaving the substratum mostly dry

Cultivate this plant in soil rich in humus and sand, or other incoherent material

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