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Dossinia Marmorata

50,00 lei

Dossinia Marmorata is one of the biggest and most stunningly veined jewel orchids out there, which is why it is sometimes called the ‘Queen of Jewel Orchids’.

Pot size: 6 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 8 cm (without the pot)

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Dossinia Marmoratais one of the more humidity-loving jewel orchid and requires 60%+ to thrive. When this condition is met, it is quite an easy and rewarding plant to care for. Make sure to use a slightly moisture-retentive, but well draining potting mix such as the one suggested below.

If your Jewel Orchid starts dropping leaves, it means you have been under-watering it. Don’t start watering it more right away! Instead slowly increase watering over time. This plant is a terrestrial orchid, meaning it creeps on land, therefore it can grow in a shallow wide pot.

Medium light, part shade

Keep evenly moist throughout the year


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