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Callisia gentlei var. elegans

45,00 lei

Prized for its wonderful striped variegation this fast-growing plant is rarely seen and very easy to care for.

Pot size: 15 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 15 cm (without the pot)

Sold out!

Callisia gentlei var. ‘elegans’ is a South Mexican creeper with the very descriptive common name Striped Inch Plant. This exotic trailer has thick, rigid, lance-shaped leaves. The leaves are dark green and covered with silver stripes that run along its length and small, white, 3 petaled flowers appear occasionally as it grows. It makes a nice hanging basket or will trail along the soil surface. Callisia elegans will also add elegant contrast in a terrarium.

Shade to partial shade

 Water well and then allow it to dry out a little before re-watering

Prefers some humidity but will do fine in normal conditions

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