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Calathea lancifolia/ Rattlesnake Plant

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Calathea lancifolia, commonly known as Rattlesnake Plant is a perfect plant for a pattern lover! It has bright green wavy leaves with a purple underside that are adorned with alternating ovals of dark green.

Pot size: 7 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 15-20 cm (without the pot)

Sold out!

Calathea Lancifolia is an active plant that undergoes observable nyctinasty, the process of foliage reacting to the daily light cycle. Therefore, enjoying a position out of direct sunlight with changes in the daily lighting environment.

Bright, indirect light

generously in spring/summer, much less in autumn/winter, water should be room temperature and soft

group calatheas together for optimal humidity, remove dead growth 1cm from the base of the plant with sharp garden specific shears

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