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Begonia masoniana/ Iron cross begonia

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Begonia masoniana, commonly called iron cross begonia, is a rhizomatous begonia that grows to 40 cm tall. It is noted for its showy foliage. Puckered, pebbly-textured bright green leaves have decorative dark chocolate brown center markings that resemble the Iron Cross displayed on shields during the Crusades. Cymes of greenish-white flowers are produced in spring and summer on stems rising above the leaves. This begonia is native to China or India.

Pot size: 15 cm (diameter)

Plant size:  20-25 cm (without the pot)

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Iron cross begonias have some of the most unique foliage in the plant world.
Each heavily textured, bristly, light green leaf bears a reddish-brown marking resembling the Iron Cross used on shields and flags during the Crusades of medieval times.

Bright, indirect sunlight

Use room temperature water, keep the soil evenly moist (never soggy) when the plants are actively growing, but allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings when growth slows

Keep water off of the foliage to help avoid powdery mildew and possible crown rot!

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