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Begonia 'Inca Flame'/ Inca Flame begonia

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Begonia rex ‘Inca Fire’ is s tropical foliage houseplant with large heart shaped, deep pink leaves with a beautiful shimmer. Perfect for a unique, eye-catcher spot in your home.

Pot size: 15 cm (diameter)

Plant size:  15-20 cm (without the pot)

Sold out!

Rex Begonias prefer moist but well-draining soil and prefer a slightly acidic or neutral compost mix. All begonias are frost tender, and Rex Begonias tend to be grown indoors as houseplants where they prefer growing temperatures of around 21C.

Bright position but not in full sun

Use room temperature water, keep the soil evenly moist (never soggy) when the plants are actively growing, but allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings when growth slows

Keep water off of the foliage to help avoid powdery mildew and possible crown rot!

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