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Begonia bowerae ‘Tiger’

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Noted for its ornate foliage, Begonia Tiger Paws’ (Eyelash Begonia) is an evergreen, rhizomatous perennial mostly grown for its striking foliage of small, chocolate to bronze-red leaves, adorned with bright green, paw-like markings. The leaves have white eyelash-like hairs on their edges, hence the common name.

Pot size: 12 cm (diameter)

Plant size:  15 cm (without the pot)

Sold out!

Begonia bowerae ‘Tiger’ is a room or terrarium plant. In a terrarium, the Begonia enjoys high humidity and temperatures. As a house plant, it must be watered properly, though the soil must be allowed to dry again between watering sessions. The use of lukewarm water is recommended. Leaf begonias can be placed outside during summer, this will allow the colors of the leaf to become more intense.

Thrives in indirect bright light

Water often but in little amounts, also, make sure you are not watering with cold water


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