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Alocasia Sarian

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Alocasia Sarian is a hybrid of Alocasia zebrina and A. micholitziana. It features leathery, wavy-edged, arrowhead-shaped, dark green, upward-pointing leaves. The leaves have wide, bright white main veins and long, thick, striped petioles.

Pot size: 17 cm (diameter)

Plant size:  65 cm (without the pot)

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Alocasia Sarian requires high humidity levels and extra measures should be taken to increase the environment humidity for its plant. The plant undergoes winter dormancy like other Alocasia and watering during the winter months should be significantly reduced. During the growing period, fertilize regularly and keep in an environment of 18–24 degrees.


Bright, indirect light

Let the topsoil (the top 2-3 cm) dry out before watering


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