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Alocasia sarawakensis ‘Yucatan Princess’

50,00 lei

The leaves of ‘Yucatan Princess’ is a dark, almost black leaved form of Sarawakensis with gigantic, glossy, puckered leaves greyish-green surface and maroon undersides and stems. It is an exceptionally decorative plant and a real must for all plant lovers!

Pot size: 17 cm (diameter)

Plant size:  65 cm (without the pot)

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Alocasia sarawakensis ‘Yucatan Princess’ is a large leaf, a tuberous perennial plant in the arum family. It is typically grown for its beautiful dark-colored foliage.

Bright, indirect sunlight

Let the plant dry out between waterings, do not over-water!

Toxic to humans and animals when ingested

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