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Albuca spiralis/ Frizzle sizzle plant

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Originating in South Africa, this spiral-grass-like plant has a distinctive appearance with narrow leaves and coiled tips. Its leaves arise from an underground bulb and are tightly curled at ends. In the blooming season, frizzle sizzle grows scented yellow flowers.

Pot size: 12 cm (diameter)

Plant size:  10-15 cm (without the pot)

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This unusual plant grows healthy under partial sunlight and requires less watering than other plants. Being safe from pests or other diseases, Albuca spiralis is an ideal plant for your garden.

Full sun

Too much water promotes rot but too little will affect the foliage production and ability of the plant to flower. In late fall, begin watering the plant regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist but not soggy

Soon the first curling shoots will appear. Use a good liquid plant food diluted by half once per month until flowering. Once flowering is finished, cut off the spent blooming stem and continue to water. When temperatures heat up, you can move the plant outside or keep it indoors. Indoor plants may retain their foliage but they will look ratty. Outdoor plants will lose the foliage and go dormant. Either way, the plant will spring back in winter

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