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Adiantum ‘Bronze Venus’

39,00 lei

Adiantum ‘Bronze Venus’ is an upright, tufted or clump-forming, borderline hardy, deciduous to semi-evergreen fern with black-stalked, palmate, leathery, glossy, dark green fronds, bronze-red when young, divided into narrowly elliptic pinnae with rectangular or fan-shaped pinnules.

Pot size: 12 cm (diameter)

Plant size: 25-35 cm

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Adiantum hispidulum ‘Bronze Venus’ is an easy to grow Maidenhair fern native to Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand. New growth comes through red – bronze on thin, arching, black stems and matures to lush greens. Ferns thrive in neutral to acidic, loose, richly organic soil which is moist but not waterlogged. Prefers bright, filtered sunlight and is excellent as a houseplant or in a seasonal container in a consistently humid space, such as a greenhouse. Protect from freezing temperatures!

Bright, filtered sunlight

Moist but not waterlogged



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