We make your office greener.

Our expert plant and design team will bring more life to your office space and create a greener and healthier work environment.

Finally, you don't have to worry about which plant goes where or when to water them.

Whether your goal is to create a healthy ambiance for your employees, impress customers with unique plant design, or enhance the overall atmosphere of your space, our team of designers and horticulturists will meet your needs.

Services add-ons include contract maintenance programs to visit your space on a regular basis and care for the plants installed. Choose a guaranteed maintenance program and unhealthy plants will be replaced at no extra cost and at no expense of the design and space integrity.  

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  2. We’ll get in contact with you to set up a personal meeting at your office
  3. We meet at your location and consult about your opportunities
  4. We present our offer and plan
  5. And the magic is done – we provide all necessary plants and regular maintenance as needed.

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